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Strategically guiding your home

The Erin Oldham Team



We believe everyone deserves a home. We serve people searching from $300,000 to $5,000,000 and everyone in-between. We know not everyone is in a position to purchase a home. And, some people don’t have a place to sleep at night. We support people and organizations that offer help.


One of a kind

We do things others don’t. We like to go over the top and figure out innovative ways to serve you and stay ahead of the market.



You matter; we pay attention. We have only done our job when you feel heard, seen, and have success meeting your goals. We also watch the market with an eagle eye. You can make the best decisions when you are fully informed.



No matter what stage the market is in, there are always opportunities. We approach the market with a problem-solving mindset. We look until we find that perfect opportunity.



Fun. We might as well have fun while we are figuring out this market. Our aim is to reduce your stress while we increase your chances of getting what you want. you find what you are looking for.


One-hundred percent

We give no less, ever.



Flexible thinking is critical in this business. Look again. Find another way into the market. Don’t get frustrated; get smarter.



How you show up matters. How you give back matters. We give to the community through 1% back to Maine as well as to select local organizations.

Work With Us

“Over and above” is our attitude when we partner with clients to figure out their next move. Off-market listings, customized searching, consistent communication, and market insight are emphasized. Profit from our personalized experience to get you what you want.